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"They will be called oaks of righteousness; a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

Adoption Update: Where We’re At! May 13, 2009

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Yes, I know I am delinquent when it comes to this blogging thing. My husband is really showing me up over at According to him, my blog will get more hits if I blog more frequently. And we are all about hits to the blog. So, here goes.
Wanted to give a quick update as to where we are at in the adoption process. Last week we had our second interview with our worker. First, I want to say how blessed we are to be working with Florida Baptist Children’s Home. It is so awesome knowing the woman handling our case is a Christ follower. God truly worked that out.
This interview took place at our house which, of course, meant 3 days of cleaning for us! Michael pitched in big time and we got it taken care of. Not without him making fun of me for dusting the tops of the fans and scrubbing the legs of my dining room table. What can I say? When I get in cleaning mode, I just go!
Our worker was at the house for all of 45 minutes and that’s it! Now, her task is to write her “term-paper” as she calls it about our family. Our task: to complete the pile of paperwork we’ve yet to do and finish prepping our house for the county health inspector to come out! I told Michael that is our goal for this month while he is taking some time off from CCF. Our worker hopes we should be certified by the end of June. We will be available to take kids hopefully August 1 when our current roomie (love ya, Hillary!) moves out.
I tell you this waiting period is rough! It would be so much easier just to get pregnant and know the baby would be here in 9 months. But, this is what God has asked of us so we will answer.
Speaking of a gracious, giving, loving God…
I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home Mother. However, marrying a preacher made this seem like something that would never happen for me. And for those of you whose husbands work for independent ministries like mine, most don’t offer health insurance. So, we’ve pretty much always assumed I would work for health insurance and that’s all there is to it. Well, in January, Michael and I started listening to a sermom series from Mark Driscoll on the Song of Solomon. I suddenly felt the Lord tugging at my heart about staying home. Especially with these kids hopefully coming to live with us in the early Fall. They need stability. They will need Michael and I. They will need to know we are there for them no matter what. I need them to know we will not leave them. I started imagining having to leave them with a sitter or at daycare and I just couldn’t. So I went to Michael, we prayed, and decided to boldly ask God to enable me to stay home with our kids come August. We’ve arranged our finances, saved, and prayed. So August 1, I hope to become a stay at home mom who occasionally picks up shifts at the hospital as a nurse. I will be “Flex” status at L&D where I will work 3-4 shifts a month. Praise God! He is so good! On paper it doesn’t work but, we know that, because this is His desire for us, He will work it out, month by month. I am so excited to know that, when these kids come to us, they will spend every day with one of their parents. They will know we are there and they are well cared for.
Please continue to pray for our children. God has really laid on our hearts in the last few weeks the suffering they are likely going through right now. We pray He will protect them physically and emotionally and that they will begin to understand a God who loves them no matter what.


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