Beauty from Ashes

"They will be called oaks of righteousness; a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

What’s a pig say? May 17, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — katiemears @ 9:30 am

Michael and I have been working on Michael Paul learning his animal noises. He’s pretty much mastered dog, sheep, bear and cow. Yesterday, we ventured on to a new animal: a pig. However, Daddy could not settle for teaching him that a pig says, “Oink, oink.” Instead, he is teaching him the actual noise a pig makes. You know, the noise you make with the the back of your throat, sucking in air? Imagine a 17 month old imitating that? Hilarious. I’m constantly afraid he’s going to wind up hocking something up when he’s doing it. Or choking if he tries to do it while he’s eating. Oh the bond between fathers and sons. Awesome.


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