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Our first experience with “the system.” November 4, 2009

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Well, as this foster care process gets underway, I want to try to commit myself to keeping the blog up to date. I keep up with a girl’s blog who I met on and I love to hear the stories. It’s been especially encouraging and informative as we’ve gone through the process of getting licensed this year. If you’re interested, her blog is It’s awesome. She is also a pastor’s wife in, I think, South Carolina.

So, over the last few weeks we’ve had our first experience with “the system.” You hear people say there are so many problems with “the system” and, in a lot of ways, I agree. It’s been long, hard, frustrating and grueling. But, the annoying part is over, we have a license, and now we get to move on to the part that really matters: caring for the kids and being Jesus in their lives.

As we wrestled with whether or not to consider fostering instead of straight adoption, Michael shared it with one of the CCF guys he disciples. The student gave a pure and simple answer to why fostering was a good idea: By fostering we have the opportunity to love more kids and share Jesus with them. There it is. The heart and soul behind this whole crazy idea in the first place. Yes, we may have to deal with the pain of watching a child we’ve cared for and grown to love leave our home. How often have we pained our Heavenly Father in the same way? When He has had to watch one of His children whom He has loved with an everlasting love, walk away from him? A beloved professor of Michael’s asked him last week, “Michael. 3 kids? Why?” To which Michael replied, “This is the closest we’ve ever been to truly LIVING OUT the gospel.” So that is our heart, plain and simple.

Today we got a call from our licensing counselor to say the foster family the girls are staying with is interested in keeping them. There will still be a meeting (date undecided) to make a decision but, their therapist says they are doing very well in this placement and, thus, they are leaning towards letting the girls stay put. We won’t know for sure until after the meeting.  In the same call, she asked us if we are ready and able to accept another placement, should one arrive. Our answer: Yes.

So, we wait, again. More than likely, probably not that long. We’ve heard stories of families being licensed on a Friday and getting a placement on a Monday. Ours may take longer because we are seeking children closer to the “adoptive” side of the spectrum but, the reality is, there are thousands of kids in foster care in Florida. Many of those right here in Tallahassee. They need to be loved by a family but, most importantly, to know that their creator loves them.

Please continue to pray with us. Also, if our journey has inspired you to contemplate adoption as an option for your own family, please let us know if we can help you. November is National Adoption Month! Why not start your journey this month? We’d love love love to talk to you about it!


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  1. tiffany taylor Says:

    You are so awesome! I am so excited for your family!

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