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Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! January 27, 2010

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Tomorrow, Baby Girl aka “Little T” turns one year old! This is a weird feeling.

To me, Baby Girl is only two months “old.” I have only known her sweet face, received her adorable cuddles, been given open mouth kisses, and smelled the sweet smell of lavender in her hair for two months. But, she’s one!

For Michael Paul’s first birthday, we went all out! We had a huge party-even most of my family from Tampa came up for the blessed event. We showered him with attention and love and celebrated the first ENTIRE year of his life. On my coffee table that night sat the scrapbook I’d been working on the whole year, chronicling his life from the first minute to that day, his birthday. It included all his “first:” bath, ride in a car, solid food, crawling, word, walking, holidays, vacation, etc. etc. etc. We got together all our family and friends to look back over the year we enjoyed getting to know this little guy.

But, this is different. When thinking about T’s birthday, I wasn’t sure if I’d even have a party. To be honest, I’m tired and it just seemed like a lot of work! She won’t know anyway, right? But then, I realized that, if we do wind up adopting these kids and they are ours forever, I would regret not having a first birthday party for Baby Girl. She deserves to be celebrated and loved on and adored and to stuff cake into that teeny tiny face of hers! Saturday we will celebrate both the 2 months we have had T in our life and the 12 months since God created her and gave her life.

I am sad thinking that her Mom will miss it. She will miss out on seeing her devour that cake and open her very first birthday presents. She’ll miss seeing her looking ADORABLE in her ladybug dress. During the kids’ visit this week, I asked Michael if their Mom even mentioned T’s birthday. Answer: not at all. Does she remember? Does she care? Or is it just any day to her?

We’re so thankful we’ve been blessed with this time to love this precious girl. I love it when we are out with all the kids and you don’t know how many people have said, “You finally got your girl.” Sometimes I explain but sometimes I just laugh and watch them do that math in their heads! Either way it’s true…we finally got our girl and she’s ours for now. So, until they tell me otherwise, I will buy her dresses and bows and enjoy her!

Happy First Birthday Little T!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!”

  1. Elizabeth Grant Says:

    one of the things I appreciate that the foster family did for me was to give me copies of the pictures of Gabe during events like this. I know it is a different situation since the only reason I wasn’t there was that I didn’t know he existed, but the other mom will appreciate the pics of things she missed if she does regain custody. I certainly don’t know the specifics of this case or how likely this is, but as a foster parent it really is an important thing to do for those children. Otherwise, Gabe would have NO pictures of himself before he was 2.

  2. katiemears Says:

    Great idea for sure…I am having one year pictures taken of her and plan to give some to her Mom. I am also saving some of the kids artwork and stuff for them to take to her at her next visit. I don’t want her missing out and maybe it will give her incentive to do that right thing.

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