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It’s official. March 2, 2010

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They’re leaving. Our adoption agency has found what we hope to be an adoptive home for the children, here in Tallahassee. They plan to move the kids to their home this coming Monday, March 8th. We have 5 days left with them.

We are sad. As this becomes a reality, of course it gets harder. It’s hard to think about the fact that we won’t see them anymore. While we hope to see them again one day, we definitely plan to give them and their new family a chance to bond for several months before we even think about trying to see them. They have promised us they will keep us updated on how they are doing and send pictures.

The family they are going to has no children and has been trying for children for a very long time. I am so excited for them that they are going to have these three children. They are a Christian couple and will continue to instill in the kids what we have started in regard to God’s love for them. I know they will be a loving home for them.

This afternoon, they will meet the kids for the first time here at our house. Over the next few days we will have a few visits with the couple before they come to get the kids on Monday for good.

Tuesday morning is the kids’ court date so we will no longer be attending that which is sort of a relief. I met their biological mother for the first time yesterday when I took them to their visit. She didn’t want much to do with me, needless to say. I’m sad for her that she will probably lose her children in the next few months but am happy the children will have a stable, loving, safe, healthy home to be in.

In the world of the Department of Children and Families, nothing is definite till it happens. So, while Monday is what we’re planning, you never know what will happen between now and then.

Next week we are going to Tampa for a wedding. We are excited to go as a family of 3 again and to take our minds and MP’s mind off the kids being gone. Please pray for MP. We have already begun to mention to him that his “brothers” are going to live in a new house with a new Mommy and Daddy and he is not very happy about the idea. It will be a hard transition for him, which will likely make it harder for us.

We still continue to know we are doing the right thing and trust in the God we serve.


2 Responses to “It’s official.”

  1. I know this is hard. Foster parenting is difficult. The family that had Gabe had taken over 100 babies in their 20 years as foster parents. They said the hardest part was when the children went back to abusive parents. So, at least you aren’t looking at that possibility right now. Hopefully, these children do have stability, but you never know what the mother will do and may fight for custody again soon. I hope the children will be OK and MP will too.

  2. mattie Says:

    Thanks for sharing, wow! so quick…i am sneaking in as much time as i can…was over for an hour tonight…

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