Beauty from Ashes

"They will be called oaks of righteousness; a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

Just What the Doctor Ordered March 15, 2010

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The past week has been nothing short of sweet. It is so neat how, in the midst of pain and sadness, the Lord literally wraps His loving arms arounds us and puts people and experiences in place so that we continue to see His goodness.

Michael and Michael Paul were thrilled to have their first “man-day” of 2010 together last Monday. Mondays are Michael’s day off of work so I tend to work a lot of Sunday nights and therefore, sleep all day Monday. Since the kids arrived our Mondays were jam-packed with speech therapy and visits with bio-mom, not leaving a whole lot of room for fun. Prior to their arrival, Michael would usually always plan something fun for him and MP to do on their Monday Man-Days together. I don’t think he realized how much he truly missed that time until he got it back this week. They enjoyed a morning at the park and just playing basketball outside all afternoon.

Tuesday we enjoyed a day as a family at home while we prepared for our trip to Tampa Wednesday. The weather was perfect for more time outside together and Jake even got walks two days in a row. He was a happy man.

Wednesday afternoon, we loaded up the mini-van (aka “swagger wagon”) and even Jake got to come along to Tampa to visit my family. We stopped at my step-dad’s in Inverness on the way down for a nice dinner and visit with him.

Sadly, we had many outdoor activities planned for Thursday and Friday which had to be changed due to a nasty band of rain that literally sat on the city of Tampa for two days. We did, however, get to eat my fave strawberry shortcake at the Florida Strawberry Festival and go to the Florida Aquarium, which we wound up getting one year passes to! MP absolutely adored the place.

Saturday, midday, we traveled down to Bradenton Beach for a friend’s wedding. It was the wedding of a friend of mine who went to nursing school with me and then also worked with me on postpartum at TMH. She moved to Sarasota about 2 years ago to care for her dad who was battling cancer. It was a beautiful wedding on the beach with the most perfect weather after those two days of nasty rain. We enjoyed a great reception with awesome food and just spending time together. Thanks to my mom, we also got to stay the night at the beach as a late birthday celebration for me. We enjoyed a COLD walk on the beach after the wedding and a relaxing night in the hotel, followed by sleeping in till 9am! This is a drastic improvement from our usual 7am wakeup call from MP.

MP enjoyed spending the week/weekend playing with his older cousin Timmy (4 years old) and his Grandma, whom he has grown to adore. In fact, there was not much talk about Mommy this weekend. He either wanted only Daddy or Grandma to do everything for him. It was neat that, while away from him for less than 24 hours, Michael and I truly missed our little guy and, when we left the beach Sunday morning, Michael said to me, “Let’s go get our man so we can be complete again.”

It has been such a blessing to enjoy Michael Paul this week. He makes me laugh so much and I wish I could just bottle that little giggle up and save it forever. It is neat to be able to hold a conversation with my son who is just two years old. He truly has a personality beyond his years.

So thankful for a spring break that was just what the doctor ordered!


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