Beauty from Ashes

"They will be called oaks of righteousness; a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

Two Weeks Later March 21, 2010

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Two weeks ago today we left our little foster babies at their “new house.” Yesterday, thanks to their new foster parents who have been great through it all, I got to visit with them. We met for icecream yesterday afternoon. Sadly, Michael wasn’t able to be there as he was camping with CCF men this weekend.

I was very nervous about this first meeting after the move. I had thought it would be better if we waited many months until the children were well adjusted to their new family. But, the day we left the kids with their new family the social worker sugguested we try to see them in 1-2 weeks, so they knew we had not disappeared and that we would be there for them. It was so wonderful to see their sweet faces and hold them in my arms, just knowing they are OKAY without us. What joy it brought to my heart when R ran up and gave me a hug and Baby Girl gave me a big, toothy grin (she has FOUR new teeth in the last 2 weeks!!!)

Sadly, the oldest, N, was upset when he saw me. He must have been so confused, perhaps thinking he was moving again. He calmed down after a few minutes of me and his parents just explaining that I was just visiting and that he wasn’t going anywhere. Eventually he, too, sat and talked with me. Their speech is only getting better–I am so proud of how far they have come!

We stayed with them about an hour at the icecream shop. Michael Paul was so excited. When we pulled up and he saw them getting out of the car he said, “My brothers and sister!” He and Baby Girl could not get enough of each other. She kept hugging and kissing him; it was absolutely adorable. She seemed to have grown up the most in the two weeks. She was like a big girl!

It was really neat to see the kids again and it just really confirmed we had done the right thing. It was also so helpful to see that, while it may feel sometimes like we abandoned them, that we really brought them so far in 3 1/2 short months. They are now flourishing, happy kiddos who are bringing joy (and exhaustion!) to a new family now.

Things are moving forward with their adoption. I think bio-Mom still has a little while but it’s looking good for this family. Please continue to be in prayer for them.

Meanwhile, we have gotten three calls in the last 2 weeks, two for respite (babysitting situations) and one for an actual placement, which we had to turn down. We are enjoying life as 3 right now and continue to pray for God’s direction in this area of our life. We pray merely for Him to lead, and us to be obedient.


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