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"They will be called oaks of righteousness; a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

Adventures in fostering, Part 2 April 9, 2010

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Today is Friday, April 9th. Our three little foster babies left us 1 month and 2 days ago. We vowed to take 3 months off from fostering. And then, yesterday happened.

We were expecting our 14 month old baby for respite care (temporary, overnight babysitting of a foster child, basically) at about 5pm yesterday. He is staying with us for 2 days. At 3pm I got a call from our agency about an “actual adoption situation.” Of course this peaked my interest.

Just the day before we had been talking about the future and if there would ever be the possibility to actually ADOPT kids without going through the fostering stuff we went through with the last group. Of course, I felt like, no there wasn’t. It seemed so hopeless.

But, the call was about 2 kids, a brother and a sister who are a few years older than MP and are both in elementary school. They have a very sad story and have been separated for many years. But, now, their parents’ rights have already been terminated and they are looking for a home to foster-to-adopt them. Basically, we would have to foster them for 90 days, and could then move forward with the adoption process.

The only reason we even CONSIDERED doing this before our three month “break” was up was because of the permanancy of the placement. Because parents’ rights are already terminated we won’t have to deal with any visitation or anything like that. The 90 days is a formality to make sure the kids are a good fit for us and we for them.

We were told the girl would be coming to our house last night and the boy sometime later once he’d had time to transition out of the home he is in now.

So, we said yes, we would give it a go. We would let the girl come and see how it went and then meet her brother.

But, of course, within about an hour we got the call that she wouldn’t be coming last night. There are some legal formalities which have to happen before they can move her here and so, if she does (nothing is ever certain in foster care) she would be coming sometime next week.

So, again, we wait. We were actually quite relieved seeing as how this all happened so suddenly and we were already getting this baby for respite this weekend. So, we ask for your prayers again. This time around, I feel so much more relaxed about it all. My attitude is pretty much, “Yes, God, I will” and then basically, if it’s not what He wants, it will fall through. It’s a lot easier resting in the fact that He has control and not me. I know that He has a purpose for each and every placement and that, no matter what we do, His will will occur.

We’ll keep ya posted!


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