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Meeting Henry and Cloth Diapering July 7, 2010

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In mid-June, Michael Paul and I ventured 9 hours in the car alone to meet my newest nephew, Henry Connell McGuinness. He is the new son of my brother, John, and his wife, Amy. Amy and John had a long, hard struggle to have a healthy baby so, Henry is nothing short of a miracle.
We got to stay with them for six days, three of which Amy was at work so Michael Paul and I were there to help out Daddy with Henry. He is such a cutie! Henry is a fat little guy and I love the rolls. I’ve never gotten to enjoy baby rolls, seeing as how Michael Paul was such a tiny baby! The week we were there he turned 8 weeks old. He is smiling and giggling and MIchael Paul loved making him do both. It was a good week for me to see how Michael Paul would interact with a little baby and I thought he did so well! He was very gentle and loving with Henry and was very concerned whenever Henry was upset. He also wanted to help me take care of Henry by helping me feed him or change him. It was really quite sweet.
While we were there we mostly hung out at home visiting but MP and I also got to go to a state park where they had a big public pool which of course he loved. We also got to meet up for the morning with my dear friend from high school, Patti Davis, who lives just about 45 minutes from Charlotte. Here are some sweet pictures from our visit:

Sweet Cousins

Playing with Uncle John at the pool


Baby Smiles

MP and Henry

Being around Henry definitely made me more anxious to see my own baby and made me excited about having a little one again (I’ve been pretty nervous since finding out we were pregnant). Speaking of our new little one, spending the week with Henry and his Mama led us to a new decision about our baby. We plan to full-time cloth diaper this babe! We are very excited about our decision and hope it will last! Amy encouraged us by showing me how simple it really can be (much simpler than I imagined). When I got home I began to research and talk to other cloth diapering Mamas. When I weighed out the cost difference, it couldn’t be ignored. Cloth diapering requires more of an upfront investment (rather than $20 here and there for a pack of disposables) but the long-term savings is incredible. I have defnitely been doing my homework and know it won’t be easy but I’m excited to try it out. I feel like some sort of stay at home mommy cliche now but that’s just what I want to be! I figure it will be much easier too with me home so much more this time around. I don’t think it would have been as easy of a decision if I was still working full time.
Oh, and less than 3 weeks now till we find out if we should be buying PINK or BLUE diapers!!!! July 27th!


3 Responses to “Meeting Henry and Cloth Diapering”

  1. Tanashia Says:

    MP looks so sweet with his baby cousin. CDing really isn’t difficult at all once u get your routine down & I work full time. Like u said, the savings cannot be ignored. Plus they are better for the environment. I was lucky to get a hand-me-down stash from a good friend, but I’ve added a few news ones.

  2. John McGuinness Says:

    Katie it was great having the two of you. I can’t wait to meet MP’s baby brother!! I bet he is getting really excited.

  3. Holly M Says:

    Bryce and I gasped when we read “full-time cloth diaper”…..but, hey, we’ll likely do the same when it’s our turn! Let me know how messy diapers fare in the washing machine. That’s my one hesitation.

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