Beauty from Ashes

"They will be called oaks of righteousness; a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

He Is September 29, 2010

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Started a Bible study today on David which is a combination of messages from Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Priscilla Shirer. If you’ve never heard of Priscilla Shirer, neither had I. But, after hearing her first message, you can sum her up by saying she’s (in her own words) the “chocolate” version of Beth Moore. This is a short excerpt from the first message, so powerful it sent chills up my spine. How different would our life look if we operated in these truths on a daily basis? Enjoy.


3 Responses to “He Is”

  1. She, along with several other women/mommy speakers, is going to be at a mom’s conference in Birmingham, AL next September. I am going to make every effort to go.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I love her! If you haven’t read her books, they are fabulous.

  3. Valerie Jones Says:

    Here’s the website to check out the details.

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