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"They will be called oaks of righteousness; a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

A Unique and Precious Friendship October 5, 2010

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Thursday morning I will drop Michael Paul off at "school" and begin my journey to the Atlanta Airport. From there, I will board the plane to travel to St. Louis, MO for a long weekend. This weekend is lovingly dubbed "Lunch Bunch Reunion 2010."
This is the fourth year my 5 (maybe only 4, sadly) best friends in the world will meet up for a long weekend reunion. Rebecca Wells Polsgrove, Patti Ward Davis, Kelley Foyil, Kim Schoessow, Robin Augello, and Katie McGuinness Mears have been friends now for 13 years. We met at Hillsborough High School as freshmen in the IB program and have been together ever since!
Throughout high school, we stayed close, always having a lot of other friends and classmates, but holding each other dear. We ate lunch together in the same spot almost every day for 4 years. Thus, we were dubbed, "The Lunch Bunch." Our common love for God, HHS football, boys, and school kept us tight. We enjoyed FCA, friday night football games, sleepover, surprise parties, beach trips and so much more. We fought. There were times we were at odds and caused each other tears. But, we were friends. In high school, we vowed that one day, we'd meet together every year for trips, just as we will this weekend.
College took us in many different directions: Tallahassee, Miami, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky. It was so exciting to move on to a new chapter but hard to leave each other. I remember my first semester in college just feeling like no one would ever know or love me the way those girls did. We did our best to stay close, sometimes doing a better job than others. We would always get together during school breaks and summer. Somehow, some way, we kept our friendship alive. So many people are in shock when they hear I still have friends so close who I knew from high school.
We have traveled to Tampa, Kentucky and SC for three weddings. We have celebrated the birth of 2 babies (with one more this year!), and are looking forward to another upcoming wedding. Three years ago we met in Myrtle Beach for our first annual reunion and since have traveled to Tennessee and then San Antonio, TX. This trip is a highlight of my year. With us so spread out now, many of the girls do not even travel home to Tampa for Christmas anymore so, oftentimes, this trip is the only time we all get to see each other. No matter how long it's been or even if we've talked much throughout the year, we always come back together and it's as if no time has passed. We still enjoy giggling, dancing, eating out, watching old episodes of Dawson's Creek, reminiscing about high school, and dreaming about our futures.
I am thankful to God for these friends who are like none other and pray we will continue to keep each other close for many many years to come.


3 Responses to “A Unique and Precious Friendship”

  1. Erin Says:

    No way, you’re a Terrier?! Charles was in IB at HHS! Class of “95, so a bit before your time, but that is too funny, nonetheless. GO Big Red!

  2. janna Says:

    You are so incredibly lucky to have this group of best friends. Have an amazing weekend 🙂

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