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Claire’s Birth Story December 29, 2010

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I was hoping to have Claire on Saturday, December 18th…the day I turned 39 weeks pregnant. It was perfect: my MD was on call that day and it would give me plenty of time to get out of the hospital and still celebrate Christmas with my family. It would also allow me to get through a couple good shifts at work ($) and she could grow big as could be. But, the 18th came and went. So did the 19th, 20th, and 21st. I was starting to come to terms with the fact she’d be here after Christmas. No big deal.
In the early morning on the 22nd, I was at work, working a 12 hour shift. It was incredibly busy and I’d had 2 deliveries just between 7p and 11p that night. I was working my (very pregnant) tail off. I began to notice some contractions which were a bit stronger than ones I had had the last few weeks. They made me pause a little and even my coworkers were noticing the change. That continued all night until I went home and went to sleep that morning. I was able to sleep with no problems so I figured they were done. That evening, we went to dinner at some friends’ home and I kept having them. They weren’t really growing too much closer together but I was starting to wonder if this could be the beginning of things. I even let me my mom know about them so she wouldn’t be surprised if I called her that night. But, the night came and went and I was able to sleep just fine until about 6am the next morning. They were growing much stronger then. But, then, it seemed as if they’d fizzle out or grow further apart. We went grocery shopping and took a good walk in the neighborhood in hope of getting them to pick up. I was getting frustrated. That afternoon I attempted a nap and they would not let me. About 4pm I started to notice them growing closer together. I couldn’t even stand to make dinner and during dinner, I was trying my hardest not to let MP know I was in pain. Poor baby, he kept saying, “Mommy, what’s wrong?” “My tummy hurts baby,” I told him. We managed to get him in bed that night and I was timing my contractions between every 3 and 7 minutes. I was so so nervous to go to the hospital and be sent home. How embarassing for the L&D nurse!!! About 8, Michael called his Mom to let her know we might need her to come sit with MP when she got off work that night at 10. I figured I could wait till she got there at 10:30pm. But, they continued to get worse and worse. They were now bringing me to tears and I’m not sure Michael knew what to do with me! I took a LONG, HOT shower and it felt so amazing. I wish I could have stayed in there forever. When I got done at almost 9pm, I told him I didn’t think I could wait. We had to go soon. His Grammie would come over until his Mom got off work. I began to get ready and put my last few things in my bag. Called my Mom in Tampa to give her the heads up but decided she wouldn’t get on the road until we knew for sure they were keeping me.
Grammie arrived about 9:05pm and I scared her when a contraction literally knocked me to the ground and I began balling my eyes out. She told Michael, “You better get in that van and go NOW!” We got to the hospital at 9:30pm. My sweet friend Leah cared for me in triage where she quickly told me I was 3.5cm. I had been just 2cm on Tuesday at my appointment. But, I was still disappointed. I was hoping to be further along. I was afraid the MD would make me walk before being admitted and I didn’t think I could do that. I was ready for my epidural now! But, I quickly got admission orders and about a half hour after arriving, I was walking down the hall to my room. I would labor in the same room Michael Paul was born in 3 years ago! All my coworkers were so happy for me, and I took that opportunity to let my boss know I wouldn’t be at work the next night as scheduled! Ha! We called my mom who got in the car to drive up. We hoped she’d make it!
I started being prepped for my epidural but it takes a while to be able to get it, by the time they draw your labs, get IV fluids in you, etc. etc. It was about midnight before I was done getting it and nice and comfy. At that point, my nurse checked me and I was 6cm! Wow, I had made it essentially to 6cm before having my epidural. My nurse, Atiyyah, called my doc who was not on call that night to tell him I was there and see if he might be able to come in for me. He told her, yes, and to call him when I was 9cm and he’d come. She turned our lights down, Michael pulled out his cot, and we both closed our eyes for some rest but, about 5 minutes later, Dr. McAlpine walked in the door! He said he was nervous that since I had gone from 3.5 to 6 in 2 hours, I might go fast and he didn’t want to miss it. He then checked me and, at 1am, I was completely dialated! I couldn’t believe it. My water had not broken so he went ahead and broke it and sat down beside my bed. My nurse came in and started getting things set up for delivery and, within minutes, I started feeling pressure and the urge to push. We got all set up and ready to go. Sadly, I had to call my mom and tell her she was going to be about an hour and a half too late. This baby was not waiting for her Grandma! She was so sad!
I started to push with my contractions and, after just 3 contractions (about 10min), Claire Helen was born into her Daddy’s arms at 1:29am. Yes, Michael delivered her body and placed her on my chest, just as he had done with Michael Paul. What an amazing and special moment. It was so wonderful to have Dr. McAlpine, my wonderful colleague and OB there for this time. He missed MP’s birth by about 3 hours and I so wanted him there for hers. I was also surrounded my some sweet coworkers including my nurse Atiyyah, Claire’s nurse Beth, and our videographer and nurse tech, Nisa! The first thing I asked when she came out was, “Is she really a she?” I think I was paranoid because we had only had one ultrasound the entire pregnancy so I was so scared she wouldn’t be a girl!”
Claire weighed in at 7lb. 3 oz (12oz bigger than MP was) and 19.7inches (the same length he was!). She is our beautiful baby girl and we are in love. We’re not sure if it’s us or her but, things seem so much easier this time around, with the exception of a nice 4 hour window each night (in the middle of the night) where she is not so interested in sleeping. That has been rough!
Big Brother is doing ok. He loves his sister and is very sweet with her but, you can definitely tell he is having a hard time adjusting to sharing Mommy and Daddy. Getting a little nervous about Michael going to back to work on Tuesday and my mom leaving this Friday so, prayers are appreciated!
Beyond thankful to God for two beautiful, healthy children He has entrusted us with. To Him be the glory.
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