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"They will be called oaks of righteousness; a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." Isaiah 61:3

7 months of pure joy! July 24, 2011

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Our Claire turns 7 months today! I can hardly believe it. I feel like the pregnancy just dragged on and now her infancy is flying by. We are so blessed by this little lady. We could have never hoped for a sweeter, more relaxed, happy baby. People are constantly commenting on how good and “chill” she is, which is so true of her. I just adore her beautiful smile and her little giggles. My favorite part about the last 7 months has been watching her brother and her interact. He absolutely adores his sister and makes it his goal each day to make her smile and laugh. I love it!

So, Claire, here is a quick rundown of what you’re up to these days:
-You have 1 1/2 teeth! Your second one broke through just a few days ago.
-You love to smile and laugh, especially at your big brother. You also giggle uncontrollably when Mommy kisses your neck.
-You have rolled over from front to back a handful of times but only from back to front once, and that was while you were swaddled in your crib for naptime!
-You just learned to sit up on your own and you love to sit and play with your toys. You also like your exersaucer (sometimes) and your Baby Einstein playmat.
-You drink your bottles 4-5 times a day and you are eating solids (cereal/fruits/veggies) 2-3 times a day now. You LOVE solid food! You have also had little bites of bread or watermelon when Mommy is eating.
-You take 3 naps a day and you sleep from 7pm-6:30am most every night!
-You just finally got to where you are not swaddled for nighttime or naptime any more! What a big girl!
-EVERYTHING goes in your mouth! You are a drooly little thing.

Can’t wait to see what the coming months will hold for our girl. We love you, Claire Helen Mears!


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